Mission: The Goody Network brings together individuals who want to offer a helping hand or make an investment in the life of someone else, regardless of age or status. 

Platform: Originating in the 1700’s, the legend of Miss Goody Two Shoes begins with a poor orphan girl who only had one shoe. One day she is noticed by a rich man passing by who buys her a new pair of shoes. She is so grateful and excited to receive her new pair of shoes, that she goes running into town, screaming repeatedly, “I got two good shoes, I got two good shoes” earning the name “Miss Goody Two Shoes.”

This story highlights the transformational moments we have all experienced at some point in life. The single shoe representing hardships or our shameful past and the gaining of a new pair of shoes, suddenly reveals opportunity and untapped potential.
No matter how young or old, we all can relate to experiencing unfortunate circumstances that help shape us into who we are. It is every blemish, hardship, and even failure that we learn from the most. Who met you in those moments? Was it a teacher, friend, parent, or simply a stranger passing by?

Vision: Our vision is to provide avenues that support individuals wanting to invest in the life of someone else. These could include improving the quality of life for someone living in poverty, investing in the life of a child through literacy and educational resources, or providing access to opportunities for those who are less fortunate.